The seals will be broken.....

The four horsemen are returning and are gathering their bannermen in preparation for the greatest of all wars.

Will you fight under the noble white flag of conquest? Sate your thirst for blood under the red banner of war? Feed your hunger for power under the black flag as your enemies starve from famine? Or will you choose the pale banner of death?

The Chaos is being Unsealed. Find your great beast, mount up and chose a side or be slaughtered in the coming apocalypse.

Chaos Unsealed




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The 5 Strongest Clans
1) Psychomachia [11]621
2) Vū Čćłę [60]461
3) Akatsuki [68]209
4) thingy [64]100
5) gall oglaigh [69]100


Game is best viewed at 1024 by 768 Resolution!

Chaos Unsealed is a Dystopian themed Free MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that runs directly from your web browser.
The game is 100% VI (visually impaired) compatible and boasts a large online community of war gamers and role players in a socially interactive fun environment.